We are a team of qualified Chartered Accountants and CPAs. Our partners have more than 25 years experience with Big Four Accounting Firms and Industry.

We have set up an accounting cum taxation BPO for clients in Australia & New Zealand in New Delhi, India. We have the infrastructure and highly qualified staff available with us.

As further assistance, we provide a dedicated account manager who will work with you to understand the opportunities and challenges facing your business. This ensures we stay in step with your needs. Our service desk will field your requests and act as your co-ordination point, making sure your jobs are completed on time and you are kept informed at every point.


Honesty and transparency are one of the most important values held by our team. We strictly follow an honest business ethos with every stakeholder.

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Sensitive business data is stored securely to ensure your information remains strictly private. Our team are bound by confidentiality policies.

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Personal Development

Continuing education keeps our team progressive, and ensures they stay on top of best practice, new regulation, and the law generally.

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Achieving high level of accuracy & quality

There are highly skilled and qualified people( Chartered Accountants/CPA’s and Accounting Graduates) available in India.
They can help clients in achieving accurate & quality results.

Cost effective services

The staff is available in India at a fraction of the cost paid to accountants in Australia & New Zealand.
You save cost from 30 % to 70 %

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